The Elise Garden Party by Michael Hipperson……

This has been a long and rewarding journey ! An idea, that was germinated 8 years ago after watching a television programme about Little Haven’s Childrens Hospice, has grown into an annual event which last year alone generated over £50,000 for the Hospice.

Each year the event gets stronger.From a small gathering in 2002 to a weekend event in 2008 that attracted nearly 200 Lotus enthusiasts, Sir John Whitmore as auctioneer and Andy Green OBE, holder of the World Landspeed Record, as after dinner speaker.


Donations and support for our yearly auction have come from personalities ranging from Stirling Moss,Williams F1, Jackie Stewart, Lewis Hamilton , artists Andrew Kitson and Dexter Brown and F1 World Champions McLaren.

The Hospice needs over £2 million a year to operate with a government handout of just £27,000 ! The Lotus community have shown their true colours with their constant generosity even in these straightened times.....


Mr Hipperson

*****Fund Raising Grand Total £239,415*****

EGP Fund Raising
2004    £640                £640        Donation bucket in the garden
2005    £4,200             £4840      Auctioneer: Gordon Cooper
2006    £11,125           £15,965   Auctioneer: Martin Donnelly and Brian Lister
2007    £20,200           £36,165   Auctioneer: Robert Edwards
2008    £50,800           £86,965   Auctioneer: Sir John Whitmore
2009    £18,035          £105,000  Auctioneer: Andy Green, John Miles, 
2010    £30,400          £135,400  Auctioneer: Richard Noble

Other Efforts

2010         £6,000    For Jake

2011         £500       Raffle with Sir Stirling Moss (Maldon)

2011         £6,900    An Evening with Jackie Oliver (BRDC)

2011         £6,000    SELOC on line auction    

2011         £2,350    SELOC auction of Jullian Thompson Elise Prints

2011        £11,600   An Evening with Damon Hill (BRDC)

2012         £3,000    An Evening with Jackie Oliver/Murray Walker

2012       £10,235    An Evening with Jody Scheckter (BRDC)

2012       £21,880    An Evening with Christian Horner (BRDC)

2013       £17,495    An Evening with Ross Brawn (BRDC)

2014       £18,055    An Evening with Mark Webber (BRDC)