About the Event - 2007

A chance conversation with Paul Golding in his Lotus-on-Track hospitality suite at Brands Hatch in June 2006 began the germ of an idea to move our event into Europe for 2007. May 2006 had been so successful in raising money for the Hospice it would have been foolhardy to try and improve on the same format.

Paul offered Abbeville as a track venue as a starter, the rest would be up to me. In August I took the family out to France to have a look for a suitable base for the event. I needed somewhere relatively close to Abbeville and not far from the Ferry terminal at Boulogne. 

Le Touquet had long been a favourite resort of mine...miles of white beaches and a distinctly upmarket look about the place. The only Hotel I really fancied was The Westminster,the best (4*) and most expensive in the town. I had originally planned we should all spend 2 nights in France but the lure ( and tariff !) of the Westminster was such that I decided that one night in the best would be better than two in something lesser. As a conference venue it had all we wanted..secure car parking , a massive dining room and sound system. It also meant the meal,speaker and auction could take place in the same room...and then upstairs to bed.We have taken 65 rooms.